Grinder Pump 100 Series

 The GP-100 series Patented Pump Systems are tried and proven high quality Grinder (waste water) Pump System manufactured by Motion Engineering & Fabrication and distributed by Berg Manufacturing. 

 Key aspects and components of the GP-100 series Grinder Pumps:

  •  No hand tools are required for operation of the pump system. 
  •  The Pump System utilizes the latest in grinding pump technology with the use of the Liberty Omnivore 2hp three-phase quick disconnect pump 
    •  The superior cutting system of the Liberty Grinder Pumps provides improved shredding performance over the radial cutters. V-pattern provides up to 108 alternated cuts per revolution. Entire cutting system made of 440 stainless steel hardened to 58Rc. Recessed cutter bold eliminates wadding. Exclusion cleanout slots and back relief clears debris from under the cutter. 
    •  Liberty LSG-Series Grinder Pumps are designed for continuous underwater operation. The motor and pump form a close coupled, watertight unit. The induction motor is insulated against heat and moisture in accordance with Class B 265F regulations. 
    •  We have placed our pump through rigorous testing. The pump has been successfully tested to extreme conditions. Testing even included placing 4 inch wide by 12 inch long pieces of ratchet strapping used for tying down cargo on semi-truck trailers. Even this test did not stop or clog the pump and simply turned the strapping into what looked like yellow pillow stuffing.
  •  The pump itself can easily be completely removed from the pump housing without the need of hand tools or even accessing below the full liquid level (in the unlikely event the pump removal is required at the time the system is full of waste product) in less than 20 seconds. 
    •  The pump is firmly secured in place at the top of the pump by quick release stainless steel brackets and vibration reducing mounting pads. A cam-lock coupling on the output of the pump as well as a quick disconnect on the top of the pump motor for the electrical feed, makes removal very quick and hassle free. 
  •  The pump housing itself is completely constructed of high strength 6061 aluminum and is powder coated in special blend, extremely durable Plascoat Thermoplastic coating.
  •  Pump housing is formed in a specific way with a tapered bottom that directs the vast majority of the waste water to the pump intake and order to greatly minimize the amount of waste water left in the pump housing after each pump cycle. 
    •  This design, along with the very few obstructions for waste material to get hung up on, help the wash-down and clean up procedure become easier than ever. 
  •  Thermostatically controlled Integrated heaters in the housing itself prevent problems with freezing even down to the most frigid conditions. 
    •  Two 350 Watt heating elements are bonded to the bottom side of the pump house and are completely encapsulated in the specialty formulated Plascoat Thermoplastic powder coating. This Plascoat Thermoplastic acts as an insulation and barrier. This, along with the excellent thermal transfer properties of the aluminum, allow for the entire housing to become much like a heated thermos, keeping the fluid inside the housing from freezing. 
    •  This Patented approach of heating the Grinder Pump housing, rather than the liquid product itself within the housing, has proven to be a very reliable and efficient method of freeze protection. When liquid and waste products enter the pump housing they may only be in the housing for a very short amount of time before being pumped out, depending on incoming volume at that particular time. In most all other heated Grinder Pump Systems, a great deal of energy is utilized on heating coils that are submerged in the waste water itself. This is a very inefficient method for many reasons; 
      •  Every time the pump is cycled all the heat that was put into the waste water simply gets pumped out and the heating process has to be done all over again when new waste water enters the housing. If the waste water is left in the housing for an extended period of time in low temperatures, the submerged heating coils have a tendency to overheat the waste water, creating a very pungent and unpleasant odor. 
      •  In addition to these issues the submersible coils create difficulties at the time of clean up and storage. Waste water debris have a tendency to get trapped on the heating coils. 
  •  Housing has handles integrated in on all sides to make mobility and transportation easy. 
    •  Housing is designed to fit in and out of doorways on expandable shelter systems. They are also designed to be packed out and transported in shelter systems single-stall showers. 
  •  Grinder pump is equipped with two 3 inch cam-lock fittings for Black-water and one 2 inch cam-lock fitting with P-trap for gray water on inputs. 
  •  1 ½” anti-siphon valve on pump output is utilized to prevent siphoning from waste water containment bag. 
  •  Quick connect power T box is provided with two internal breakers.
    •  One 30 amp breaker with power cord to power the grinder pump and one 20 amp breaker with power cord to provide power to the hot water heater.  
    •  Power T supply cord is provided with 60 amp mill spec Amphenol type connector. 
    •  All power cords have strain reliefs. 
    •  Power Tee-box is located inside a pump housing for storage and transportation and is easily slid into the T-slot bracket on the outside of grinder pump when deployed. 
  •  Pump control box on front of grinder pump offers multiple pump control options: 
    •  manual jog forward of the pump 
    •  operate in full automatic 
    •  manual jog reverse of the pump 
  •  Source water pump supply power outlet is located on the front of the control box with a 20 amp circuit breaker for circuit protection is located inside the control box. 
  •  Pump housing is equipped with two high quality pump control floats.
    •  Lower float is for pump on and off control dependent on fluid level and upper float is an emergency stop float and will cut off power supply to the Source Water pump. This is to ensure that if there is a problem with the grinder pump that more water is not added after the upper float is reached. 
  •  Pump housing is fitted with four recessed UHMW feet.
  •  Three-quarter inch diameter ball valve drain is located at the front bottom of the housing. 
  •  Independent ground clamp is located on the front of the grinder pump housing.

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