Field tested Reliability

Field tested Reliability

Field tested ReliabilityField tested ReliabilityField tested Reliability

Motion Engineering and Fabrication Inc. consistently provides the US Military with the most dependable front lines water syst


About Motion Engineering and Fabrication Inc.

Established in 2017, we are a family-owned fabrication shop located in Spokane Washington. Our President/Owner, Erik Humble, was the co-founder of MOCO Engineering and Fabrication where they started building these water pumps for the military in 2006. We started Motion after MOCO was sold and now we mainly focus on the production of these reliable water pumps for the military; however, we have expanded into various other fabrication projects. During our free time, we enjoy snowbiking up here in the PNW and ended up creating a product line aimed at maneuvering these bikes around the shop. Our Quick Clip Wheel Kits can be found on our other dedicated website. 

In August of 2018, Garco Construction employed us to manufacture 90 shallow mount bollards for the Spokane International Airport as a effort for anti-terrorism. Soon after the Bollards were installed at the airport, a man approaching the airport had a medical emergency and accidentally accelerated directly toward the airport lobby. Luckily, because of these new bollards, nobody was hurt and the bollard was completely undamaged. We will continue to provide potable water pumps and waste water pumps to the military; however, we hope to bring this technology to the public weather in a residential situation or bring them into a variety of industries. Contact us for more information!

Our Philosophy

We aim to continue supporting our military men and women while introducing ingenuity and creative solutions to other industries for years to come.